Wasps are a pest in the home but they can be equally problematic in business situations.

It’s not just outdoor-based work which can be affected by wasps.  Infestation indoors or proximity to a nest can cause problems for businesses in nearby buildings. Client satisfaction is key to the reputation of your service.  In extreme circumstances, you could suffer legal action if clients believe you have been negligent in your health and safety measures.

Here are just a few of the businesses that can benefit from our services:

pub Beer GardenThe pub garden provides a perfect environment for wasps.  There are lots of sweet sugary drinks, a reasonable amount of spillage and leftover food is an inevitable by-product of the service.  This provides a plentiful food and drink source for the wasp and a reason for them to linger.

In summer, there are likely to be plenty of people using your public house and their gardens. Guests are, likely as not, to be wearing colourful clothes and perfumes as part of their evening out.  These can be powerful attractants to wasps passing by and they may consider your guests to be an interesting target.

With warm temperatures and lack of food produced by their young in late summer, issues caused by wasp activity are exacerbated.  The scent of food and drink brings them to the gardens competing for nourishment or a queen may well have established a nest nearby in the spring.  This can cause a difficult and even dangerous situation if left unchecked.

Naturally, the best solution to a problem wasp nest or infestation in a pub or pub gardens is to arrange for professionals to remove the wasps problem discretely and as soon as possible.

Preventative measures such as chemical sprays, candles etc, just don’t really work on a large scale and can cause irritation to guests.  While you may be tempted to try and treat the wasp infestation yourself, it makes good business sense to hire professionals with an outstanding health and safety record to do it for you.  This can protect your staff, your guests and your income.

amusement  ParkThe influx of summer visitors makes up a large share of the annual income of amusement parks, but of course it’s also the time when wasps appear.

Making the most of discarded fast food, ice cream’s and drinks the wasps also find easy temperate accommodation in some of the machinery and buildings on-site.

Refreshment services in the amusement park may be particularly affected by wasps if there is an infestation or wasp nest nearby. It might be hard to keep wasps at bay and visitors happy.

If you find that wasps are becoming a nuisance in your amusement park or leisure facility, then let Ames wasp control solve your problem. We have years of experience and capable staff who can efficiently and discreetly get rid of your wasp problem so you can get running again at full speed.

commercial Bakery
If creating or retailing confectionery or baked goods is your profession you will no doubt be aware that insects are attracted to the sugars and fats that you use. Wasps are no exception to this.

Discovering you have a wasps nest or infestation.

It may be you have noticed an increased number of wasps in your premises and in your food stores. While refrigeration will keep wasps away from stored food, once containers ingredients are opened or products are made, there is a very strong and delicious smell which wasps are sure to track down.

We are aware that pest-control and health and safety are of paramount importance for commercial food making businesses, and you will want us to respond quickly, discreetly and effectively to eradicate the wasp problem.

Businesses can’t afford to have food contaminated, staff working inefficiently because of the fear of nearby wasps or suffer downtime due to staff absences after nasty wasp stings or allergies have been revealed.

AMES Wasp Control react rapidly to keep businesses running smoothly. You can trust us to take care of your business at the height of summer and all year round.

kids Playing Childrens Nursery
Understandably, parents become quickly concerned if they perceive risks to their children at the nursery they regularly attend or even a party venue they are visiting for the day.

We appreciate that in your line of work stray food or drink is an added hazard that you deal with effectively.   However, even food and drink put out during lunchtimes easily attracts wasps from nearby nests.  A strong wasp presence at a school, nursery or children’s play area can be enough to put the business out of action until the nuisance is removed.

The threat of a wasps nest anywhere around children is particularly worrying to customers and staff who may consider it better that they stay away until the threat is removed. There is perhaps no network that spreads news faster by word of mouth than parents at a nursery, school or even party!

Naturally, you want your students or guests to be as comfortable as possible and their parents to see that you take the very best care of their youngsters.  We understand that wasps nests and the nuisance wasps cause you needs to be dealt with quickly, effectively and as discreetly as possible to nip any problems in the bud.

We pride ourselves on our track record of success, reliability, and professional work that we know you will benefit from.

The peak time for the wedding industry is summer with better weather and warmth to turn a special day into a wonderful memory. Warm evenings also allow flexibility in the number of guests and location for the reception to be held in.

Unfortunately, in any situation where there’s large-scale catering and drinks being served, particularly in the open air, wasps can be a hazard.

If there is a nest in your grounds or in your buildings wasps will take each opportunity as a chance to search for food.  At the same time they can annoy and even cause a hazard to your guests.

Your reputation is, of course, based on your ability to provide the best surroundings for your clients special day.  Understandably, there expectations of the quality of facility and care will be very high, as this is one of the most important days of their life.

AMES Wasp Control specialise in the removal of wasps nests for venues around the West Midlands and surrounding counties.  We can offer businesses in the area an unbeatable speed of service, efficiency, discretion and reliability. As soon as you discover a wasp nest on your premises or gardens, you should have it removed.  The sooner your problem is dealt with, the sooner you can get on with business as usual.

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In the warmer seasons fast food restaurants, their car parks and grounds are a prime spot for wasps eagerly looking for food.

Wasps, causing a problem at the entrance to fast food restaurants will annoy guests. Just as irritating however, are wasps that frequent food storage, serving, or disposal areas where the sweet smell of drinks and fried foods are powerful attractant.  Your staff will be more productive and your guests happier if the environment they come to to buy or eat their food is safe and free of infestation.

Our service is fast, we can react to your call and take away your wasp nest problem in a single visit!

Your staff are there to prepare and serve food, your customers visit you to enjoy your food. We are here to keep your customers coming back for more without fuss.

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