Depending on the area and size of the nest.
Yes, the nest is destroyed and insecticide is used.
No, wasps are seasonal pests. Wasps will appear to be located in the same area in the following years but they will not use the old nest.
Yes, Wasps have mouth parts and can chew through soft materials such as plaster board etc.
Yes, all our wasp treatments are fully guaranteed.
It can vary, on average wasp nest can start from June through to November.
wasp Nest Bushes
The technician will spray or pump an insecticidal dust at the entrance of the nest which wasps returning to the nest then take in with them.  It is transferred into the nest as the returning wasps walk through it.

The dust is toxic to the wasps and leads to the extermination of those in the nest.  As it takes a few minutes to take effect on the individual carrier of the dust it gives sufficient time for the wasp to contaminate the nest.  Over a period of time the wasps outside of the nest also return spreading more of the dust inside and making the effect of the insecticide greater.

This means the majority of the wasps die off within a few hours of the treatment.  The entire nest is exterminated by the end of the day, with the exception of a few wasps which may have been trapped in a building or outbuilding that day. When they return to the nest the following day they also are contaminated by the dust on re-entry to the nest.

waspStingerAlthough the principle appears fairly straightforward, it is extremely ill-advised to attempt to destroy a wasp nest without professional assistance.

In addition to the height and often difficult to access areas a wasp nest may be situated in, our professional pest controllers wear correct protective clothing and are highly experienced in the extermination of nests.

Many local property and business owners over the years have become overwhelmed by wasps all too quickly when attempting to treat a nest themselves.

Wasps are also notorious for following: once they decide to attack and this creates an even more severe hazard, especially when climbing on ladders or attempting to get rid of a nest in a confined space such as a boarded out (or un-boarded) loft space.   The risk of unforeseen injuries, falls and other related accident, property damage and of course multiple stings make this an extremely unwise course of action.

The AMES guarantee means that if a wasp nest is still found to be active we will return to the property and carry out an additional treatment at the property on the same nest.

We are extremely confident in our service delivery and do not find that return visits are commonly needed – still, we appreciate our new customers minds are put at rest with our promise to honour this guarantee.

The landlord is responsible for the structure of the building and fittings and so is only responsible if pests are entering the building as a result of a fault in the structure (e.g. rats entering through broken sewer pipes or broken pipes).  So wasps nests in properties and gardens are, in almost all cases, the responsibility of the tenant.

If there are structural defects (holes in roof, walls etc.) allowing regular wasp problems to occur then that would be a matter for a tenant to take up with the landlord so similar problems are less likely to reoccur in the future.

A similar situation exists for landlords and tenants on commercial premises as well as on domestic rental properties.

Over recent years many councils have started to recommend council tenants contact local, privately-run pest control businesses in order to deal with problems with wasps and wasp nests.  These include Tamworth, Telford and Wrekin and Worcester councils.

Other councils including Birmingham City Council, Coventry, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Lichfield do offer a chargeable service.  However some council’s pest controllers do not work at height such as under second floor eaves, or in areas of limited access such as lofts.

By offering 7 days a week call out, extremely competitive rates compared with other wasp control companies and chargeable council services and the AMES guarantee, we are very confident that we will not be beaten when it comes to value for money and guaranteed treatments.


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